What is scour?

Bridge scour is the removal of sediment such as sand and gravel from around bridge abutments or piers. Scour, caused by swiftly moving water, can scoop out scour holes, compromising the integrity of a structure.

Bridge scour is prolific in Australian waters, predominantly in rivers and creeks affected by tidal flow.

There are a number of online resources and studies completed that explain and provide formulas for calculating the potential scour on a bridge pile. The main reference documents with the technical calculations are:

  • Supplement to Austroads Guide to Bridge Technology Part 8, Chapter 5: Bridge Scour (2018)
  • Countermeasure and Prevention – Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 23 Manual (HEC-23)
  • Estimating Scour Depth – Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 18 Manual (HEC-18)
  • Bridge Scour Countermeasure Assessments at Select Bridges in the United States, 2014–16
  • Countermeasure Design for Bridge Scour & Stream Instability

What are subsea grout bags?

Subsea grout bags are geofabric or synthetic custom designed bags or mattress. Bags and mattresses are designed in any shape and size with the ability to withstand up to 8 bar of pressure. Typical designs include scour pile bags, cavity bags and scour mattresses.

What are the types of suitable concretes and grouts used?

Traditionally, a non-washout solution is specified to reduce the risk of concrete/grout wash out into a waterway. It is not unreasonable to use a standard readymix 30mpa solution with a 20mm aggregate. Typical Design Scour Mat Scour mats are designed and certified for quality. Certification of specified design by others. The mats are seam tested and are accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty. CMG warranty workmanship of installation. CMG scour matts are configured as either slab mattresses or pile/pier units.

Why Scour Tech products?

The construction and configuration of our engineered products uniquely integrate baffles to allow the units to inflate to the optimum thickness. The baffles are strategically located to ensure that a robust form is created. Mattresses are superior to conventional grout mattress as the point sewn products provide a uniform coverage with optimum hydrodynamic surfaces.

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